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dsc_3855Greetings loyal blog followers. It’s been several years since I posted here. I’ve been busy undertaking a PhD and getting prepared for my latest (and most ambitious) field trip – to Antarctica.

I’ve decided to stop using wordpress as the home base for my blog. Instead I’ll be posting current blog entries on my main website which you can view here – Antarctica blog

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Astronauts’ Eyeballs Are Deformed by Long Missions in Space –

Astronauts’ Eyeballs Are Deformed by Long Missions in Space –

Its very rare for me to post something like this. But I don’t want to lose the link. And this story is so intriguing.

Why wouldn’t you expect Astronaut’s eyes to bug out!!! I mean, look out the window!

I’m glad science has proven it by measuring eyeball deflection! What other proof would I need. Sheeeeshhh!

I love the conclusion – “NASA does not currently think that the vision problem will preclude long-duration human space missions,” said Dr. Richard Williams, NASA’s chief health and medical officer. I think a vision problem is the one factor that will preclude human space missions!