Knolling to Iceland

Laying it all out on the bed seemed too depressing and indigestible so you will have to see a distillation. I wish I was Dr. Who sometimes. Infinitely compactible  space would definitely be sweet. Hermione’s bag was the best piece of magic in all of Hogwarts!

My new check-on luggage looks like the space shuttle but in designer colors.


And the contents of my day pack has finally got down to “schleppable and essential”. To me at least.

What did I forget?

It’s been a challenge and fun to go knolling through everything until only the key pieces (plus some wiggle room) are left. Still not sure about the banjo….

I’m wondering about the tendency to Knoll – named after Florences’ design aesthetic. Some have it some don’t. Tom Sachs of course is the current guru. You couldn’t set it out more keenly. We both love rules and regulations – as long as they are ours!

Tom Sach’s Bullet #2

Next stop Reykjavik!


  1. Have a wonderful journey, Donald! I’d leave the banjo, especially if you’re wanting to generate sound up/over/out there. It might prove to be both an unnecessary distraction and longed-for muse in that regard.. Gangi þér vel!


    1. Yeah. I’m thinking the same thing. I was thinking of it more as a possible resonance tool and something to create various sounds in the studio of me to experiment on my software and gear with. Maybe the Kalimba is a better idea for that purpose!


  2. Michael Hurwitz July 6, 2012 at 9:27 am

    Hey Donald, take the banjo— but restring it with gut, stuff it with fleece and play it with thin cotton gloves on both hands. Sometimes compromise is appropriate.


    1. Michael. My first memory of the banjo was seeing it on TV in the ‘Black and White Minstrel Show’. The last holdout of minstrelsy that was produced in the UK in the 60’s. English white folk all done up in black face singing songs of the sunny south. Strange. My grandad loved it!! I thought it was simply old fashioned. The politics of it didn’t really hit me till I moved here and started reading more history and especially banjo history. There’s a great book documenting the cultural, political and commercial history of the banjo entitled “That Half-barbaric Twang!” by Karen Lynn. Great eye-opening read.


  3. Leave the damn banjo behind, I bet you can make a stringed or percussion instrument rather quickly if you set your mind to it. Speaking of knolling I thought I’d share this tumblr devoted to the topic.


  4. If you ever find that TARDIS bag, please get one for me, too. Love the idea of knolling, but would find the making everything square part hard … have a fantastic trip, can’t wait to see the results!


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