Bulb updates

I haven’t posted anything new from the Albany Bulb in a long time. Its been a welcome escape from my teaching, traveling and studio work over the winter months. Nico and I head down there whenever we need to blow out the cobwebs. It’s always a treat. Always changing. Its one of the best art experiences to be had in Bayarea!

The winter light is stunning as the sun sets behind Mt. Tamalpais!

Nico enjoys the grasses and I love the Australian wattle flowers - very nostalgic!

The painted ladies are all dolled up for Easter.

Everyone gathers for the sunset,

Even the wise dude seems content!

Though there is always a dissenting voice!

The sunset turns everything electric,

And really sets off the westernmost wall,

Which changes with every visit.

There are some good new characters out there,



And some familiar faces


Some sweet juxtapositions,

And some incipient invasions.

Nico and I had a close look at this totem for the first time today.

Dolphin and dog!

'Nuff said!


  1. Wonderful pics of an artistic wonderland.


    1. Daphne
      When you head north next time we can walk it together!
      Or dance if you’d prefer?


  2. The Bulb is far and away my favorite Bay Area discovery. So great to see the recent updates … Love the spiders coming out of that pipe.


    1. I think that they are little octopi!!


      1. Oh, so they are?! Freaky!

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