FOR-SITE Foundation

I’m working at the FOR-SITE Foundation up in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada just outside of Nevada City with a group of graduate students from CCA this weekend as part of a studio entitled NorCal Musings which has its own blog. I’ve been coming up here on my own, with Sandra and with students for 5 years now and every time I come here I find fresh inspiration.

Its raining here today, in a sweet soft NorCal way.

The view over the South Fork of the Yuba River to the Coastal Range beyond.

And so I’m in the ‘barn’ working through images I took yesterday down at the Yuba River. I’m making a set of digital prints of water and another set of stereoscopic images of the local environment as my contribution to the NorCal studio – and of course doing a bit of whittling by the fire when I can.

Here’s a taste the textures of the Yuba.

Polished granite boulders stacked

Stacks of 'natural whittling'

One of the water images I've been working on.

Focussing on a detail and then fiddling with illustrator.

I’ll post more of these images when I have them better resolved.

Walking back up from the river through the the manzanitas.

Reminds me that its time to get off the computer and do some whittling.


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