Wandering the streets of the Lower Bottoms (LoBo) district of West Oakland every afternoon with my hairy pal Nico I get to see some great street art; both intentional and accidental. Here’s a taste!

All but the last 4 images are of work created by local poet, artist, activist and character, Marcel Diallo. Check out his Black New World site for more on LoBo.

Rumored to be the oldest African american house in LoBo. Recently shifted to this site.

Imagined Construction 1

Imagined Construction 2

Imagined Construction 3

New additions

Nico approves!

Who can fill this seat?

Local deity

"Get the hell on!"

A place we all need to visit from time to time.

And now some less intentional local art – not authored by Mr. Diallo.

The corner scrap-yard.

Jonah in the whale

LoBo Blues

You are now leaving LoBo - in style!



  1. Sitting in a truck in Redfern NSW I passed time enjoying your images Donald! Peta and Jason are moving to Manly and I am with them over Easter. Best wishes x P


    1. Redfern/West Oakland – more similar than dis!


  2. Hello from London – I found your blog via the review of Tim Ingold’s book (which is central to my visual art MA project) and am enjoying your images and commentary. “Leaving LoBo in style” made me smile – I learned to drive in a car like that!


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