It doesn’t get more primal than this!

At least not for me. Having grown up on the South Coast of New South Wales, an hour or so South of Sydney, the sound of the surf was like being in my mother’s womb – I’d guess. The constant susurration. The sense of immense strength, barely restrained and not very far away.

My nightmares were mostly precursed by the sucking out of the ocean from the beach; stranding creatures and exposing the bones of the ocean.

Then the knowledge that you had not much time to get as high and as far as possible from the inevitable surge.

At least then I was living at about 15m (45ft) above sea level at the edge of a cliff facing the ocean with good solid Sydney Sandstone behind me. Now I’m living on the faltlands of an estuary mostly composed of land-fill, on a renowned subduction zone, facing Japan on the other side of the Pacific. My height above sea level now is 2m (6ft)!!!!

I might as well tie an anchor around my neck now!

Sendai is a good town!

And Matsushima is an international heritage site!

My hear truly aches (at its core) for the suffering in Japan.

“Waves at Matsushima” by Ogata Kôrin

Syoin Kajii - image

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