Japanese Earthquake Tsunami rolls up a mile from my home!

This is pretty amazing.

After travelling 5,000 miles and going through the narrow gap of the Golden Gate, there is still a defined wave washing up on the East Bay.

A little ripple with a 5,000 mile radius. Imagine the wave at its source!

There has even been one fatality here – a spectator washed out to sea at Crescent City, NorCal.

YouTube – Japanese Earthquake Tsunami Wave hits Emeryville.


  1. Hey Donald, that’s a great video. Was there any damage in the marinas? Funny how the news had such big gaps in its coverage of local areas affected — I didn’t hear anything about the East Bay.

    We had to evacuate to higher ground, and only found out because a neighbor rand our bell at 7:30! Not fun. Yanking on some clothes and shoving 3 kitties in one car and 2 dogs in the other. Makes me realize we need to have a plan and supplies at the ready.

    As for the fellow who washed out to sea: its tragic, yes, but I am always puzzled by those who choose to observe these things up close. My neighbor suggested that behavior is a form of natural selection(!). Mother nature should be duly respected.



  2. In New Zealand we were woken in our beach house at 7am by a helicopter overhead with a tannoy warning us to move! Later in the day, after the all clear had been given, we went out on paddle boards and experienced a very dramatic suck and surge in the small boat harbour.


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