When Sculptors Craft – the Journal of Modern Craft

When sculptors craft

“How comfortably does craft fit within the history and practice of sculpture? Why is the crafted essence of sculpting so often ignored? And, more positively, what ideas and narratives about sculpture might be generated by accounting for it in terms of craft?”

This is the tagline for the Journal of Modern Craft‘s online forum dedicated to discussing the latest volume of this important peer reviewed journal of contemporary craft. I am a guest blogger for the on-line journal currently and have just posted my first response. Please click over to the blog (by clicking on the underlined link above), read the entries and some pdf’s of current journal articles, and join in the discussion.

More to follow!

Cecile Johnson Soliz finishing Warm, a sculpture that functions as a wood-burning stove, in Castellamonte, Italy, 2007.

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