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My colleague (as sculptor, educator and surfer) Lawrence LaBianca invited my CCA graduate CRAFT LAB group to visit his studio last week. We are talking, reading, writing and making around concepts connected to tools and process so Lawrence’s work is particularly relevant to our project.

Lawrence has just returned from an extended residency at the Anderson Ranch Arts Center in Snowmass, Colorado. He is a prolific and dedicated artist and the quantity, diversity and intensity of the work he produced during his residency was amazing to all of us. His home/studio in the Mission is encrusted with his work, collections and artistic collaborations. Lawrence and I share a love and nostalgia for the great ocean voyages of exploration, and his living space resembles the cabin of a seasoned voyager: neat, efficient and tightly packed with discoveries of a peripatetic life of artistic and physical engagement with the world.

Lawrence explaining his river borne etching machine

No space wasted!

Echoing forms

Walls encrusted with old and new works. Tools for apprehending the natural world

Creative collaborations,

Mysterious artifacts,

Ghostly projections.

Lawrence shared the in-production footage of his weather ballon powered drawing machine completed at the Anderson Ranch.

If you’d like to see more of Lawrence and his work, Regina Connell did a nice interview with him last year on her Handful of Salt blog.

And the Anderson Ranch blog about his residency has some great process shots!

One Comment

  1. Lawrence–You rock! Your new work is going in an exciting new direction.
    From an admirer…..
    xxx Sandra


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