The best bread in the world

Tartine in San Francisco is reputed to make the best bread in the world.

Here is a video about Tartine’s resident baking genius Chad Robertson’s process that shows you why!

I love the surfing reference in this video. The idea that the weather provides the context for excellence in both surfing and baking. Its also a joy to hear the composition of local musical luminaries Tin Hat played by Marié Abe on the soundtrack.

Bread is a mixture
of flour and water
that is transformed
into something through
the course of fermentation,
that transcends
the simplicity of those
basic ingredients.

Chad Robertson


  1. richard stupidhead February 8, 2011 at 11:45 pm

    this is a general thread about what SF does well and is sort of lengthy, but within it is a bitch-slap spat over bread in SF, Paris and elsewhere. the moderators have deleted most of the snarkiest comments, but it’s still sort of fun to see just how passionate some are. Lauriston was once a food columnist for the SF Weekly.


  2. I’d have to say Wildflour Bread in Freestone has them beat hands down. Especially tasty after a cedar steam bath at Osmosis up the road.


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