The New Year at Steep Ravine

I spent the last two days at my favorite retreat in NorCal, Steep Ravine. I’ve posted about this special place a few times – here and here. Each time I go, its a great mix of the familiar and the totally new. This trip Sandra and I went with our friends Tania and Philip. It was their first time at Steep Ravine and they were enamored.

We caught a delicious sunset as the westering sun snuck out under the last of the weekend’s rain presaging a clear star-filled night of talking around the potbelly stove followed by a  gorgeous sunny Monday of bush-waking and beach strolling. In my other Steep Ravine posts I focussed on the ocean and the cabins themselves, this time I’d like to take you up into the redwood forests in the hills behind the cabins!

Sandra, Philip and Tania soaking up winter sun

Bridge over Steep Ravine

Handrail Wabi Sabi

Ancient weathered redwood log

Banana slug heaven!

Flowing on...

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