The Brothers Quay

I’ve spent some time over this winter enjoying the extraordinary animated offerings of the Quay Brothers.

Twins born in Philadelphia but currently living in London, their style owes a lot to the pioneering animator Jan Svankmajer. But they definitely have their own distinct oeuvre – creepy, enchanting and seductive.

You can see many of their animations on Dailymotion.

Here’s one to whet you appetite. This was filmed in the superb Sir Henry Wellcome Collection of medical curiosities in Euston Rd., London. Enjoy!!

One Comment

  1. richard stupidhead December 27, 2010 at 6:13 pm

    oh yes, I picked up a collection of theirs on DVD (Kino Video but only 10 films) about 7 years ago. very seductive. I really like the recurring image/theme of the messed up stuffed bunny mocking the other characters. half the fun is figuring out how the hell they did some of that stuff.

    kinda reminds of me of some of the pieces Ted (I always blank on his name, ’95 or ’96 grad) used to make in the woodshop while we were still in Oakland – found cabinets re-imagined with odd animatronic scenes inside.

    and if The Museum of Sleep exists, I am THERE.


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