The extraordinary William Trubridge

I want to CONGRATULATE and APPLAUD William Trubridge who undertook and succeeded in doing something extraordinary in the history of human endeavour this week. He set the world record for an unassisted free dive underwater. At Dean’s Blue Holes in the Bahamas he took a deep breath and then without flippers, weights or other assists swam and dove down to 100m depth and then swam up to the surface on one 4 minute and  10 second breath.

You may know that William’s father is David Trubridge (a welcome and regular respondent to these posts). David Trubridge is New Zealand’s most renowned and respected designer. He lectures  and teaches all around the world on sustainable design. He was the Wornick Distinguished Professor of Wood Arts at CCA here in Bayarea in. Enjoy his engaging, challenging and beautiful lighting and furniture designs through his website (see the  links section).

William Trubridge was born in the UK but as a kid his mum and dad decided to chuck it all in, take their lives at full value, restore a steel sail boat and cruise the world with their two ankle biters. They sailed the length of the Atlantic cruised South America and the Pacific until finally swallowing the anchor four years later in New Zealand. So diving into the briney blue is second nature to William. In fact the ocean is in all the whole family’s blood.

Here are two videos of his recent efforts.

Poetic and heroic, don’t you think?


Diving Arch at Dahab’s Blue Hole in July 2007. William was the first person ever to swim through it unassisted.

Setting the 100m depth record last Monday December 13th.
You can read an article about his dive here.
And go directly to William’s website here, to read a lot, more see images and, hopefully, support his effort!

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  1. Thanks for posting this Donald.
    Linda and I sure are proud of William. It is lovely to have him and his wife Brittany home for Christmas. You could never predict how your children are going to turn out!


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