Citizen Architect: Samuel Mockbee and the Spirit of the Rural Studio

“Citizen Architect: Samuel Mockbee and the Spirit of the Rural Studio”.

This new documentary aired on PBS in the US last night. I missed it but will be getting the DVD for my own personal use and for teaching.

Sam Mockbee was the most inspiring educator I have heard of here in the US since I’ve been here and provides huge motivation and a moral compass for my own work in education.

Watch it if you can. There is a link to the movie (small size) on the PBS website below. Even the preview on the website for the documentary is inspiring!!

Watch the full episode. See more Citizen Architect.


  1. Yes, Mockbee was amazing. Looking at all the energy that is going into burning man, both carbon and human, I think it would be better spent going down to Louisiana and Mississippi or Haiti and building houses. I know a group who have built and stocked a bar to the tune of $40K each year and will give it all away at black rock. You could build a house in the south for that, or likely several in Haiti. The house building would likely be tax deductible. Better the spirit of Sambo.


    1. I’m with you there!


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