Tassajara Zen Mountain Center

The last 5 days I’ve been relishing the summer at Tassajara Zen Mountain Centre in the Ventana Wilderness west of Big Sur. We’ve been coming here every summer for 12 years and it always feels like a second home when we arrive. I don’t know of another place like it on earth.

It’s was the first Zen monastery outside of Japan when it was established in the late 60’s and it has a deeply peaceful ambiance after 40 years of mindful care and meditative practice.

I led a bridge building project here several year ago with students from CCA and the extraordinary British designer Richard LaTrobe Bateman. We produced a dense little catalog of the project which is available here.

Next to the bridge, my favorite project at Tassajara is this suite of sculpted seating nestled in a grove of ancient plane trees. They were created by one of Bayarea’s most interesting, and unsung sculptors, the late J.B. Blunk.


  1. Very beautiful … even the pictures feel zen …..



  2. I’ve never been there, but feel more and more compelled, especially after your lovely and inspiring post!


    1. When we go to rebuild the bridge next spring you would be most welcome to join the team!!
      You would love it there!


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