London (week 1)

London has certainly changed a lot since I was last here in 1993. The wealth of the city is apparent in the new buildings and bustling crowds but also in the cleanliness of the underground and the invisibility of the homeless. We’ve spent our first week in the museums and walking the streets for hours and hours.

We’ve settled into a routine of being home (in a sweet little flat in Hammersmith) for 12 hours per day (mostly sleeping!) and then out on the streets for the other 12.

The highlights so far include the Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A), the Serpentine Gallery(Jeff Koons), the ICA (great bar, boring art), the Tate Modern, the Design Museum, Whitechapel Gallery and the White Cube. Non-art attractions have included St. James Park (giant indifferent pelicans), the Kensington Gardens, the Houses of Parliament (great tongue in cheek guided tour), the replica of Drake’s Golden Hinde (the thought of living and working on this thing for years is frightening!), the Burrough Markets (pickled samphire with fish and chips) and Lord Roger’s bookend monuments to modernism the Lloyds building and ’30 St. Mary Axe’ (the former looking resplendent in its greying stainless steel and the latter sounding like a heroine from a William Gibson novel).

And running through it all the Thames.

In short, we’ve been resonsible tourists.

From a design perspective the two highlights have been the ‘Telling Tales’ exhibition at the V&A and ‘Super Contemporary’ at the Design Museum.

Telling Tales

Super Contemporary

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