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One of the joys of having my studio at home is that neighbors and friends drop in most days. Something I miss from my youth in Australia is the ‘unannounced drop in’. It seems like nowadays we all have to synchronize our calendars and make bookings weeks in advance for even a cup of coffee.

Lately I have relished unannounced visits. (Though a quick heads up by phone means that there might be baked goods available).

Yesterday my old pal Scott Constable dropped in en route back to Sebastapol from an installation of new work in San Jose. He arrived just in time to help Yvonne and me manhandle the now almost complete sculptures we have been working on. They now weigh 200lbs and are 7″ in diameter so they are a bit too much just for 2 people to juggle. Scott helped us turn them over in preparation for the fitting and attachment of their last segments today.

He also took the time to poke around my studio and capture some images before we had tea and cookies in the yard – sweating in a nice way in the unusual late summer heat.

His blog entry about his visit van be found at http://www.deepcraft.org/deep/archives/1069

Thanks Scott.

Picture 3

Finishing up

But before heading out there is still a lot to do in my studio.

I’ve almost finished a big commission for a pair of matching sculptures for a client in Houston.

Yvonne Mouser has been working with me over the last two months in the ‘cosy’ confines of my home studio to create these 7′ diameter works. This has been a real test of the studio as I’ve only just got it up to the standard needed to complete such demanding work. It’s amazing what you can get done in just 450sq.ft.!

NiO standing on its base

NiO standing on its base

Chris Loomis working on his hernia while testing the base fitting.

Chris Loomis working on his hernia while testing the base fitting.


Leaving behind

The hardest thing about heading out for a long trip is the ‘leaving behind’.
Cherished routines
The familiar bed
Loved ones

I’m sure everything will be the same when I come back. Or will it?